Monday, October 12, 2009

Progresso Panko/Broth Giveaway

"If you’ve never cooked with panko before, now is your chance because it’s never been easier. Progresso’s panko is a flaky bread crumb which adds a light crispiness to your food and is available in two flavors, plain and Italian.

Progresso broths are 100% natural and use high quality ingredients to achieve a great homemade taste. They are fat free, gluten free, contain no preservatives, no added MSG and no artificial flavors. Progresso broth is available in chicken and reduced sodium chicken and beef flavors."

A few days ago, Progresso sent me their Panko and Broth prize pack through MyBlogSpark™ to try out and share my experience with you.
Progresso sponsored this giveaway and one of my lucky readers will win this prize pack!

Also available on is a coupon for $1.00*off any two Progresso products. At you’ll find a coupon for $.50 off a package of broth.

I have tried Panko in the past, and I cannot say enough great things about it. Progresso did a great job on this product! If you are a fan of breadcrumbs, Panko will be your new best friend!
I have used Panko on tilapia, founder, pork cutlets, pork's awesome!

To enter, please leave a comment (include your email address), sharing your tips on using Panko or Broth.

Thank you for entering! Please come after Sunday, October 18th to find out who won!


  1. I've never used Panko before (but am anxious to try!). I would use the broth for making chicken pies! Thanks!

  2. I used panko for the first time this weekend, and instead of the traditional fish or chicken breading it's often used for, I used it to batter farm fresh eggplants and then fried the cutlets. Yum - and a different take on eggplant.

    Looking forward to finding out more ways to use this new ingredient (at least new to me!)

  3. I use panko alot..specifically on fish. It adds such great texture to it. Chicken Broth is a STAPLE in my house. Whenever I make rice or pastina for my daughter I always cook in it Chicken Broth. I didn't know Progresso had Panko..I'll have to look for it next time I shop...oh and thanks for the link to the coupon!

  4. Panko is wonderful to make a crisp, tempura-like texture to food like shrimp or veggies while saving on the calories by not having to deep fry.

  5. I use Panko on EVERYTHING! I don't like to fry in my house, and I find that the Panko breading gives everything a nice crispy "like fried" texture! The secret to making Panko even crunchier...put it in a skillet and brown it. Perfect for oven baked chicken parm!

  6. I've never used Panko before, but would love to try it. I use Progresso broth to make homemade soups often. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I use panko all the time for the nice crunch it gives to anything I fry. I like to take chicken breast, pound them thin, add some pesto and parmesean, roll the chicken up, dip in flour, egg then panko and fry.


    I also use lots of broth - mostly for comforting winter risottos.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  8. Add me to the list of those who have never used Panko. I do use Progresso Broth in making homemade soups and stuffing.

    cent_saving_mom [at] yahoo [dot] com

  9. I have never used panko but i would like to try it and I use chicken broth in my chicken with rice.