Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh the weather outside is Frightful!

Hi everyone!

Brrr! It's cold out there, but despite the weather, our chickies are doing really well! *knock on wood*
We are almost completely rooster-free, haha! We have kept one, only because he's just too gorgeous to give away! I think there is another one in the mix, so we'll have to send him away soon. Mr. Rooster starts crowing at 4am!!!! At one point, I thought it was time to wake up already, and then realized it was just way too dark for that. Sure enough, it was only 4am! Crazy Rooster! Go back to bed!

We are keeping our flock nice and warm, with heat lamps in the coop. Everyone is so big and pretty now. It's hard to believe some of them were just little chicks a few months back.

I was finally able to take some pictures!!! Hubby was outside clearing the snow from the storm we had, and I asked him to snap some photos! Hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super cool apron giveaway!

Rhanda Lee over at "The Bewitchin' Kitchen" is giving away a "Carolyn's Kitchen Apron"!

Head on over to Carolyn's Kitchen, to check out the cool designs and then enter the giveaway!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Schools Rule!

A big "Thank You!" to the Pequannock High School class, for visiting our little farm on Sunday!
The kids are doing research and writing a paper on sustainable farming. I think that's awesome! A lot of farms are closing down, because they can't afford to stay in business. These farms should be our source for natural products, and yet, people don't visit them because they don't know where they are or don't know enough about sustainable farming.

I hope the kids learned something on their field trip that day, and I hope they tell their parents and friends about it.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby soft

I received a small package in the mail yesterday. At first, I thought it was a shipment from Burt's Bees, but then realized it was from my Bzzagent campaign!!!!
I got a full-size bottle of Aveeno Essential Moisture baby shampoo to try.

Now, my kids are not "babies" anymore, they are 3 and 2, but that doesn't mean they cannot be treated like babies when it comes to bath time!

I love Aveeno Baby! I love their baby wash, shampoo, diaper cream, sunscreen! I love that it's natural, gentle, free of harsh chemicals. I love how my kids' body, hair feels after using the Aveeno products.

Along with my full-size bottle of shampoo, I got some trial-size samples. If you want to give it a try, please post your email address and I'll send some your way!



Monday, November 16, 2009

Class is now in session!

"Hello, Eggville farms?". This is what my husband heard when he answered his cell phone the other day. A teacher from a local school was calling to see if he could bring his class over, to learn about the chickens/farming.

When I gave our little farm its name "Eggville", and registered us on the CSA website, etc..I never imagined THIS would happen :)

I told Kevin he'll have to wear overalls and a straw hat, and get a corn-pipe, for the occasion! hahaha
This is going to be WAY too funny! I hope the kids learn something!


Monday, October 26, 2009

And the Winners ARE:

Congratulations Melanie and Carla!!!!

We did not have too many entries, so the random number generator picked the first and last numbers :)

Thank you EVERYONE for visiting my Blog and for entering! Hopefully, I will have some more fun giveaways soon!

Winner ladies...please email me ASAP with your contact info, so that I can have the prize pack sent out to you!

Congrats again!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yoplait Kids Less Sugar, More Fun Giveaway!

Time for another Giveaway!

I just got a Yoplait Kids prize pack from MyBlogSpark, which included two cute yogurt spoons, a little cooler lunch bag, and a coupon for a free Yoplait Kids product.

Yoplait Kids is a great source of Vitamin D and 25% less sugar than the leading kids' yogurt.

If you want to participate in my Giveaway, please leave a comment and share how you make snack time fun for your kids. Or one of your most fun memories you've had with your kids.
Be sure to include your email address.

I will pick two winners by the end of the week!

Thank you!
hank you so much!

Monday, October 19, 2009

And the Winner is...

Congratulations to "DLib30"! She won the Progresso giveaway!!!
Enjoy your Broth and Panko!!!!!

A very BIG Thank You to everyone who entered! Please stay tuned
for the YoPlait Kids Giveaway coming soon!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Progresso Panko/Broth Giveaway

"If you’ve never cooked with panko before, now is your chance because it’s never been easier. Progresso’s panko is a flaky bread crumb which adds a light crispiness to your food and is available in two flavors, plain and Italian.

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A few days ago, Progresso sent me their Panko and Broth prize pack through MyBlogSpark™ to try out and share my experience with you.
Progresso sponsored this giveaway and one of my lucky readers will win this prize pack!

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I have tried Panko in the past, and I cannot say enough great things about it. Progresso did a great job on this product! If you are a fan of breadcrumbs, Panko will be your new best friend!
I have used Panko on tilapia, founder, pork cutlets, pork's awesome!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dirty dozen...

With our three roosters gone, and possibly a few more lurking about, with us not knowing who they are yet, my husband decides to buy MORE HENS! I swear, that man just can't sit still.

So off he goes, and buys 8 hens from a lady that "dresses" her own birds. Yup, she actually kills them, plucks them, etc....all on her own. Ugh! I could never!

Anyways, these birds are so friendly you can just walk up to them and pet them! Really cute!

Next thing you know, we wake up to TEN EGGS in one morning! Woo Hoo! We now have two customers for our eggs, with a few more to come. Very very exciting times at Eggville!

I posted an ad on Craigslist, because I just don't think my fridge can hold all these eggs AND my regular stuff. I am hoping we get a lot more customers soon, or I'll start making quiches and fritattas, and Lord knows what else, every day of the week! hahaha!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bye bye roosters...

Well, it seems that instead of 1, we had 3 roosters, there could be more, but these were easily recognizable roosters.
Only one of them was crowing, and at first, he wasn't that loud or consistent, but over the past week he has found his voice and was an "in-full-swing" Rooster! hahaha
Every morning, around 6:30, he would start crowing. We heard him with the windows closed!
Kevin asked the neighbors if they were bothered by him, but no one really seemed to have an issue...except Kevin!

So...we posted an ad on Craigslist and within a DAY, someone responded and came by to pick them up. The man was really nice and took all three roosters, plus, he bought a dozen eggs from us :) Our first sale!!!

I will miss the rooster(s). It was kind of cool waking up to the sound of him crowing. I felt like I was really living on a farm.

Bye roosters...I hope you get to crow to your heart's content in your new home!


Monday, September 21, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a ROOSTER!

I suspected this guy was not a hen! He's standing tall, tail up, long legs, and he struts his stuff, man! Well, this afternoon my speculations were confirmed!

I went outside to get something from the backyard and overheard a very horse "Cock-a-doodle-do!". hahaha The funniest thing! It's like he was practicing. As cute as it might be and all, I don't think the neighbors will appreciate waking up to HIM rather than their regular alarm clocks. After all, the rooster does not come with a SNOOZE button! hahaha

If no one complains, I'd really love to keep him!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Double the YUM!

Since our egg-laying hens seem to be getting better and better at...well...egg laying, haha
I have not had to buy eggs for weeks now! Woo Hoo!

Last night, I was prepping a Strata recipe, which apparently has to sit in the fridge for 8 hours or overnight, before you bake it (thank goodness I looked at the recipe, otherwise I'd have to invent dinner for tonight!).

The recipe called for 7 eggs, and since most of our eggs are still on the small side, my husband suggested I use 9. So I am taking the eggs out of the carton, one by one, cracking them into a mixing bowl, when I see a really BIG egg in there. Ooh! I figured I can use that one as the extra two I was going to put into the recipe.

Both Kevin and I looked at this egg in amazement! haha As if we have never seen one that big, when in fact, it's actually a NORMAL size egg for a full-grown chicken to lay. I crack the egg open and....

TWINS! hahaha Oh happy day! "Aren't you proud of our chickens?" my husband asks?
LOL, LOL!!! "I sure am, honey!"

Can't wait to taste this strata now!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Friends of a feather flock together

Look who came to visit us recently?!

Yup! This Mama turkey and her babies came to visit our chicken flock!
They must have sensed that Kevin keeps cracked corn in the garage! Aha!
Too funny! Before you know it, we'll have every animal in the world in our
backyard...we are pretty close already!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

SmartKnitKids Back to School Contest!

SmartKnitKids sells these really awesome seamless socks!
I will surely have to get some for the kiddies!

Right now, SmartKnitKids is having a back-to-school contest!
Check it out here:

Eggs ! Eggs ! Eggs !

Yesterday, I came home after work, nothing out of the ordinary....
Kevin came home about 10 minutes after...he gets out of the car and proceeds straight to the back of the house, to tend to the chickens.
While I am trying to put the kids' shoes on, I hear Kevin calling my name. I say: "What?", but don't hear a reply.
Finally, I let the kids go outside, and step out onto the deck. Kevin comes out of the coop with THREE eggs in his hands!!! Three small, brown, perfect eggs! hahaha! He says he found them behind the "nesting boxes".
It is a RED LETTER day indeed! "Too bad you can't eat them", I tell him. The entire flock is on antibiotics, for some cold-like symptoms, so the new chickens we got from the fair, probably had some of that medicine-treated water as well. It is recommended you wait a week or so after stopping the antibiotics, before you eat the chicken, or eat the eggs.
Nevertheless, this was a VERY happy occasion and the kids were VERY excited as well!

I cannot wait until this is an everyday thing, and we are in full egg-production mode!

Woo Hoo!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New flock

Life on the "farm" is unpredictable! After we lost our baby hens, Kevin bought more chickens, and we are slowly trying to figure out how many roosters our new flock has.
It's funny...some of the chickens look like they could be roosters, but it's still hard to tell. Kevin seems to think we have more than we'd really want, and NONE is what we really want. hahaha
We visited the Sussex county fair last weekend, and what possessed my husband to buy TEN more HENS is beyond me, especially when it is NOT recommended you add chickens to your flock.
The new hens are ready to lay eggs, of course I have yet to see any eggs being laid. haha
I think the new hens decided that they should be in charge because they are older. The pecking order is definitely getting interesting. These hens are BULLIES, I tell ya! They stand around the food, not letting anyone come near it. My poor Silkies are all huddled up in the corner, afraid to get pecked! One of these days I'll have to put my foot down and say: "Kevin, no more!". My husband is so determined to have a full flock of egg-laying hens, he doesn't stop to do research before acting on his "wants".

Anyway, here are some pictures of our new flock...these bully-hens better shape up and leave my Silkies, and everyone else alone! Or else, they are going to become CHICKEN SOUP!!!! haha