Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bye bye roosters...

Well, it seems that instead of 1, we had 3 roosters, there could be more, but these were easily recognizable roosters.
Only one of them was crowing, and at first, he wasn't that loud or consistent, but over the past week he has found his voice and was an "in-full-swing" Rooster! hahaha
Every morning, around 6:30, he would start crowing. We heard him with the windows closed!
Kevin asked the neighbors if they were bothered by him, but no one really seemed to have an issue...except Kevin!

So...we posted an ad on Craigslist and within a DAY, someone responded and came by to pick them up. The man was really nice and took all three roosters, plus, he bought a dozen eggs from us :) Our first sale!!!

I will miss the rooster(s). It was kind of cool waking up to the sound of him crowing. I felt like I was really living on a farm.

Bye roosters...I hope you get to crow to your heart's content in your new home!


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