Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New flock

Life on the "farm" is unpredictable! After we lost our baby hens, Kevin bought more chickens, and we are slowly trying to figure out how many roosters our new flock has.
It's funny...some of the chickens look like they could be roosters, but it's still hard to tell. Kevin seems to think we have more than we'd really want, and NONE is what we really want. hahaha
We visited the Sussex county fair last weekend, and what possessed my husband to buy TEN more HENS is beyond me, especially when it is NOT recommended you add chickens to your flock.
The new hens are ready to lay eggs, of course I have yet to see any eggs being laid. haha
I think the new hens decided that they should be in charge because they are older. The pecking order is definitely getting interesting. These hens are BULLIES, I tell ya! They stand around the food, not letting anyone come near it. My poor Silkies are all huddled up in the corner, afraid to get pecked! One of these days I'll have to put my foot down and say: "Kevin, no more!". My husband is so determined to have a full flock of egg-laying hens, he doesn't stop to do research before acting on his "wants".

Anyway, here are some pictures of our new flock...these bully-hens better shape up and leave my Silkies, and everyone else alone! Or else, they are going to become CHICKEN SOUP!!!! haha


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