Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eggs ! Eggs ! Eggs !

Yesterday, I came home after work, nothing out of the ordinary....
Kevin came home about 10 minutes after...he gets out of the car and proceeds straight to the back of the house, to tend to the chickens.
While I am trying to put the kids' shoes on, I hear Kevin calling my name. I say: "What?", but don't hear a reply.
Finally, I let the kids go outside, and step out onto the deck. Kevin comes out of the coop with THREE eggs in his hands!!! Three small, brown, perfect eggs! hahaha! He says he found them behind the "nesting boxes".
It is a RED LETTER day indeed! "Too bad you can't eat them", I tell him. The entire flock is on antibiotics, for some cold-like symptoms, so the new chickens we got from the fair, probably had some of that medicine-treated water as well. It is recommended you wait a week or so after stopping the antibiotics, before you eat the chicken, or eat the eggs.
Nevertheless, this was a VERY happy occasion and the kids were VERY excited as well!

I cannot wait until this is an everyday thing, and we are in full egg-production mode!

Woo Hoo!


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  1. That is SO awesome!!! Congrats! I love the pic of Kevin -- he looks like a proud egg-poppa! :D