Monday, April 5, 2010


Our little farm is in full Spring mode! The kids can finally go outside without heavy jackets and snow boots! Yay! The sandbox is getting a LOT of use these days!

Oh, and let's not forget that every one of our hens lines up by the fence and puck-pucks, to let us know they want OUT! Naturally, they want to experience the Spring grass too!
Little do they know that our kids are just waiting for these birds to get out, so they can chase them all over the backyard. Try explaining to a 2-year old, or even a 3-year old for that matter, that the birds just want to be left alone.

"Mommy, come look, hurry up!", I hear my daughter calling. I look out the window and see this:

Ha-ha! I did not have time to pick up the "good" camera, so the phone had to do! She was so proud of herself that she caught a chicken! :) Ahh, kids will be kids!

Enjoy the Spring everyone!

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