Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh the weather outside is Frightful!

Hi everyone!

Brrr! It's cold out there, but despite the weather, our chickies are doing really well! *knock on wood*
We are almost completely rooster-free, haha! We have kept one, only because he's just too gorgeous to give away! I think there is another one in the mix, so we'll have to send him away soon. Mr. Rooster starts crowing at 4am!!!! At one point, I thought it was time to wake up already, and then realized it was just way too dark for that. Sure enough, it was only 4am! Crazy Rooster! Go back to bed!

We are keeping our flock nice and warm, with heat lamps in the coop. Everyone is so big and pretty now. It's hard to believe some of them were just little chicks a few months back.

I was finally able to take some pictures!!! Hubby was outside clearing the snow from the storm we had, and I asked him to snap some photos! Hope you enjoy!



  1. Fun to see your pics. I picked up some eggs from your place on Saturday--thanks! They are great. We just got hens, too, but they won't be laying til April.

  2. Hi "rp"! Thank you for the post! I am glad you enjoyed the eggs! Congratulations on your own flock! Enjoy them!